WanNianHong 萬年紅
Excitement at red paper

It is in fact Confucius who documented the thoughts of the Han people that China is the center of the world and has the most superior culture and ideology. As lifestyles have become more diverse, people are categorized into smaller entities, and the group given a single attribute has dissolved. In Japan, I feel awkward when people still label me as “Chugoku-kei (of Chinese descent)”. However, whenever I see the red paper “Wan Nian Hong” used in celebrations, I experience a stir of excitement. If people are categorized through phenomena than specific gatherings, such as Akiba-kei, Visual-kei, and Soushoku-kei, I might then be “Chugoku-kei”, even though I am from Malaysia.



Red paper, mixed media / 赤い色紙、ミクストメディア


2010.9.15 – 10.3
Foreign Chinese in Contemporary Art
Curatorial Exhibition Competition of Aichi Triennale 2010
Art Space X, Aichi Arts Center
フォーレン・チャイニーズ −在外華人の現代アート
愛知芸術文化センターB2F アートスペースX

2010.9.1 – 9.18
Surface of window / Slow & Tense atmosphere 2009 – 2019
PHOS Gallery(Seoul, Korea)
창의 표면 | 窓の表面